Mechanical Presses

They exploit the energy of the flywheel, set in rotation by the electric motor, to move the slide or hammer through one or more connecting rods.

Pressa meccanica a collo di cigno con struttura a C, che consente di accedere da entrambe le estremità all’area di lavoro.

swan neck presses

Characterized by a “C” structure which allows access from both ends to the work area.
Our production range is divided into:
– sprint from 20 to 80 tons,
– delay from 25 to 350 tons.
The fly presses allow higher speeds and productions, suitable for shearing and stamping operations.
Delay presses allow production of high imposed tonnage at relatively low nominal speeds; suitable for shearing, stamping and small drawing.

All our standard models are equipped with: variable stroke, automatic lubrication, overload protection device, dangerous area frontal protection with light barrier, Ple safety system.

What can I make? Some examples of products

Mechanical presses
double column

Characterized by a double upright “H” structure which gives the machine maximum rigidity at a high number of strokes. Inside are also housed four preloaded tie rods which give greater stability to the frame.
Our production range is divided into:
– Sc.1 from 50 to 250 Tons,
– Sc.2 from 100 to 600 Tons
Sc.1 monolithic double column presses, characterized by a single connecting rod
Sc.2 double column presses monolithic or with modular structure characterized by two connecting rods
All our standard models are equipped with: motorized hammer, adjustable hydraulic overload, automatic lubrication, frontal protection of dangerous area with light barrier, fixed or opening rear and sides, Ple safety system.

Pressa meccanica con struttura a H doppio montante, che conferisce alla macchina la massima rigidità ad un alto numero di colpi.

What can I make? Some examples of products

Pressa eccentrica a collo di cigno, 135 ton, baty fisso inclinato 45°, realizzata secondo particolari esigenze del cliente.

Special mechanical presses

These systems are made according to the particular needs of the customer.
An example: swan neck eccentric press Ton 135 fixed baty inclined at 45°

What can I make? Some examples of products